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The Indian Way

Alexander, during his conquest, arrives in India and sees a philosopher. “What are you doing?” asks Alexander. “Nothing; I am sitting here and obeserving life“, says the philosopher. “And what are you doing?” he asks. “Conquering the world“, replies Alexander. And then both of them laugh at each other.

For Alexander, who had been taught the Western model of “achievement”, doing “nothing” was a waste of a life. For the philosopher, who lived based on Indian principles, conquering the outer world was an utterly foolish quest. In this video, Devdutt explains quite nicely the difference in views between the Western and Indian ways of looking at life.

Topics in this video

  • Business is not about just the act of doing business, but understanding why you are doing the business. That thinking brings growth: both intellectual and emotional.
  • Profit is generally seen to be a good thing. But the question is: how much profit? What is it motivated by – need, or greed? If it is motivated by greed, is greed okay? Why do I want to grow – is it to help others, or for self-aggraindisement?
  • Currency is of three 3 types: Wealth (material), Knowledge (intellectual), Power (emotional).
  • Should a business think short term or long term?
  • Should a business be run by external professionals, or by families?

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