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Process and Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of an organisation and is needed for the business to remain relevant. History is full of examples of very successful businesses who failed to innovate and went down the pan for that one reason alone. This video talks about how to balance between structure/process and inspiration/innovation, and why both are important.


Topics in this video

  • How does one choose wisely between acceptance (destiny/karma), and effort (desire/kama)?
  • The Western binary way of thinking does not work well in life or business. A chariot has two wheels. If you focus on just one wheel you will go in circles. It is important to pay attention to both wheels to move ahead.
  • Jugaad: The wonderful Indian ability to go between lines and innovate with minimal resources.
  • How to balance between left brain and right brain thinking.
  • We start structured organisations because we are afraid of unstructured (it’s like a forest), but then the organisation starts to domesticate and restrain us, which makes us feel suffocated, because we’re born to be free.
  • The perfect organisation – explained. Where people are things not out of obligation, but out of integrity and devotion. Not because of a contract, because they want to. That is the Indian way.

The video is publicly available online, and no copyright infringement is intended.