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This video talks about governance, and how a good understanding of dharma (righteous conduct) is necessary in the leader and all people who work in the organisation. It is only then that good governance is possible. Peole need to know why they are doing something, then an understanding of what is appropriate and what is not naturally falls into place.

Topics in this video

  • How dharma (righteous conduct) teaches us not to exploit.
  • How difficult decisions can be taken.
  • In the Western model, the business is seen as separate from the leader.
  • In the Indian model, the business is seen as an extension of the leader/creator, and not separate form him/her.
  • The relationship between the leaders, organisation and profits is explained superbly using the example of a cowherd, a cow and it’s milk.
  • “It is my right” is a Western concept (the focus is on ‘me’). The Indian concept is “it is my duty” (the focus is on ‘the other’). No rulebook can make a leader decide this; it has to be internal.
  • It is more important to keep the principles intact, rather than just blindly following rules. This is explained using the example of Krishna’s life.

The video is publicly available online, and no copyright infringement is intended.