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When Love calls, Love answers.
It never turns it’s face.

There may be a time when you feel all is lost, when it feels like it has all been for nothing, when nothing seems worthwhile any more. Its unbelievably hard – harder than anyone knows, harder than you ever thought possible. And here you are. Breathing, but not at all alive. Here, but utterly not present. On your knees, broken, desperate, lost, with a gaping emptiness where your heart used to be. It feels like it is all over, and that hole you feel in your soul is how it will always be from now on. Your spirit is no longer here.

If you know how this feels, then wait. For one moment, wait. Close your eyes, gather whatever dregs of strength you have left, and call. Just call me. Then rest for a moment. Then, open your beautiful eyes and look, Beloved. You will find me right beside you. Within you. You will find I never left you. I cannot. For I am the one that came with you; I am the one who remains when all else is stripped away; I am the one who you seek.

I am the one,
I am the One,
I am The One.
I am … Love.
I am … Yours.
I am … You.

So look up, and see Me. When you call from the depths of your heart, I always answer. For it is where I live. Take my hand, and walk free.


One day you're going to die. Die taht day. Not every day.